Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Years and Switching Gears

Wow! It's been almost a month since my last post. This was due in part by it being the busiest time of the year for folks with Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years, etc. I haven't had too much time to build many models. I was mostly focused on completing some customs including a toy of my friend Joey as a way of saying thanks for assisting me in printing off my largest paper toy yet(4+ feet tall!). I've been working a lot more lately on customizing models and designing my own from the ground up. The latter of which is quite challenging at times.

Also, I was recently asked to be a presenter at a local art based show. I'm a little nervous about speaking in front of the audience but I always think it's healthy to challenge ones self by stepping outside of Ye' old comfort zone. Don't you? I'll post more info soon.

So thank you for your patience. Here are a couple of pics that were taken when the weather was a little nicer and my Vitamin D came mostly from the sun and not from a bottle of vitamins. Fula is by an amazing designer Zerolabor and the picture was taken in the local Solstice Cafe and Kikoo is by artist Kawaii Style and was taken in front of the Legislature Buildings with the Empress Hotel in the background.


Paper Vinny

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