Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Crafting

Hello Hello Everyone,

So I've been super busy figuring out the Simple Vinny model and getting some folks involved in customizing the template as well. I hope to start releasing the models soon but until then I wanted to hook you all up with some other cool templates.

The Folks over at Curiosity Group have been releasing free calendar toys each month. The next one for April, has a really great style and Jazz theme to it. So check out the newest model and the templates for each of the past months and maybe you'll find something you like. I personally love them all.


Paper Vinny

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Paper Power For Japan

Hey Everyone,

As most of you know Japan was hit with a huge 8.9 Earthquake and then a Tsunami. The Paper Toy Community has always come together in times like these to do our parts and help out where we can. We were able to raise a couple thousand dollars for Haiti relief and we are hoping to do the same for Japan.

Shin Tanaka is one of the most well known Paper Toy Artists. He has been a huge supporter of the scene and has always pushed the envelope creatively. He has just released a model that is cute red bear. It is free to download but he is asking that when you do download the model that you also donate to one of the many relief funds for Japan that have been set up. There are many different sites to find these organizations on but I have included a link to both the Canadian Red Cross and the American Red Cross both of which have specific buttons to donate to the Japan Relief Fund which were Shin's wishes.

So if you can help out the folks in Japan please do so. Here is Shin's Site and the template.


Paper Vinny