Saturday, October 15, 2011

Introducing...Simple Vinny!

Alright so I've finally gotten my stuff together and finished a postable template for Simple Vinny. I kept getting asked by folks if I had a simpler Paper Vinny that they could build. One that kids could do in a short time. So I came up with this design that should be sturdy no matter what paper you use.

Some of you might have seen him or even built one of your own at the IconoCraft or Pecha Kucha shows. I was recently interviewed for an online magazine as well and they were wanting a link to the Simple Vinny Template so HERE YOU GO!

I'll be posting a Blank Version soon for any and everyone who wishes to customize a Simple Vinny. In the meantime if you build one of the Simple Skull Edition toys please email me a photo of him in his new environment or on an adventure. I always love to see where he's gotten to next.

Happy Building,

Paper Vinny

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