Sunday, November 28, 2010

Smallest Ones To Date

So recently I finished building the smallest paper toys yet. Their bodies are only 7/8 of an inch tall and with their hair it puts them just over an inch tall. Basically, they are about the size of an Canadian 25 cent piece. Tweezers and patience were essential in their creation.

The models are "The Rainbros" by Brian Castleforte. He's the guy who started and has been a huge influence and inspiration for a large number of paper toy enthusiasts. They were only released at a couple of events in the USA but he did have a small picture of the templates on his site. Soooo, being the fan of the models that I was, I printed the picture out and attempted putting together all four of the models. The challenge after that was finding an environment that suited each of the four elements without having them blow away or get stepped on. Bloo is water, D'Redd is fire, Lello is Sun and Grrreen is Earth.

Bloo is hanging out at a local fountain in the downtown core. D'Redd is bringing the fire in a set up shot. Lello is enjoying the suns rays at a park in the city and Grrreen is rolling in the grass at a local hang out as well.

Make sure to check out Castleforte's site HERE for all of his cool creations and event news.


Paper Vinny

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