Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oliver and Mr. Hawkins

This is Oliver Ollie by the great Matt Hawkins! I built him a little while back and although he was one of the more complex toys I have built, he was actually quite straightforward and easy to put together.

Please visit Matt's website www.custompapertoys.com for lots of free awesome paper toys and to see what cool projects he's currently working on. Also check out Matt's must have book Urban Paper that's under $20 bucks and filled with 26 paper toys you can cut out and make. It even comes with a DVD with all the templates on it if you want to make more or not cut up your book(See I told you he was great). Or there his Robot Wars Box O' Fun, featuring 10 unique paper robots that move with the help of 2 motorized units. All 7.99 (US Dollars)! Too good of a deal to pass up( Mine is on it's way as we speak).


Paper Vinny

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